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Adv. Features

Barcode scanner interface

Machine data monitoring

Text and Excel file editing

This device allows you to create and modify text files and Excel files directly from your CNC control using dprnt statements. The best way to see how simple we have made it is to walk through an example.

You have 1000 bearing bores to create and you would like to in cycle probe each bore and provide a report detailing the results. To do this simply insert the following dprnt statements after you probe the bore.



N1020 DPRNT[XSETCELL*A*/2*#188]



Lets walk through this line by line.

Line N1000: The XCROFL command creates or opens an excel file called BEARINGS.XLSX

Line N1010: The XCROSHT command creates or opens and Excel sheet called BORES

Line N1020: The XSETCELL command as laid out places the value of macro variable #188, which is the variable that stores the bore diameter after probing, into the next available empty cell in column A starting with row number 2. So each time the program is run the value of #188 will be placed in cells A2, then A3 then A4 and so on. Note that the /2 is what tells the device to do this, A*/2 means select column A and then select the next empty row starting with row number 2.

Line N1030: The XSAVE command tells the device to save the Excel file, it is a good idea to include this in each cycle

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