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This device plugs into the USB or PCMCIA port on your machine and allows you to transfer files from your computer over your wireless or wired network to the machine. This device works without installing any drivers so it works with any machine that reads to or writes from a PCMCIA ATA card, a compact flash to PCMCIA converter, a USB memory device or a floppy drive.

Please note this device will not work with machines that use SRAM or Linear flash PCMCIA memory devices. If in doubt please check your machine manual.

1 x Ethernet / WIFI
1 x Floppy / PCMICA / USB
1 x USB slave
1 x RS232/Serial Port

Fast data transfer – No more dealing with slow and buggy rs232/serial data transfers or the walking back and forth to initiate a transfer. No more having to handle USB keys, PCMCIA ATA cards or compact flash cards and floppy drives, simply and efficiently send you files to the machine over your wired or wireless network.

Drag and drop support – Simply fill in the network connection details for the device and when connected you can simply drag and drop files from and computer to the device. Depending on your settings the device can do an automatic or manual refresh, after which your files will show up on your
machine control just like they would with any memory device.

Read and write to device – You can read a write files to the device just like you would any memory stick. File that are written to the device are easily accessible over your network.

Front USB port – Port allows you to connect a standard USB memory stick to your machine without disconnecting the device.

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